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North Khorasan meteorology

History of North Khorasan meteorology

In regard to importance and necessity of statistical data application for basical operations , agriculture,… , Bojnourd meteorological station was established in 1978.

At first, observation was done in qhiam street and after that it was continued in 17th shahrivar street.

After this period and based World Meteorological Organization(WMO) standard definition to appropriate activities of synoptic stations far from natural and artificial obstacles (residential buildings), in 1985, Bojnourd meteorological office was builed in a standard position in a place outside city in the beginning of Bojnourd – Gorgan road with geographical coordinates of longtitude 57 19 E, latitude 37 28 N and 1019 meters from see level in height.

At first years, communicational connections of Bojnurd station was done by wireless device (SSB), Gragually parallel to technology development and establishment of telex lines , since 90th decade, station was equipped by computer and telex line and in this way, meteorological data were transmitted and after this period, high speed internet lines, VPN, VSAT and MPLS, transmit meteorological in higher speeds to more extended domains.

Based on international meteorological divisions, Bojnourd station is considered as an international meteorological station and its data are plotted on international maps drawing.

After establishment of North khorasan province and its sepration from large khorasan in 2005, North khorasan meteorological administration started activity in Bojnourd meteorological office place and after credit allocation, technical building was established, also buildings were in establishment prosses before establishment of north khorasan Esfarayen and Jajarm offices and airport meteorological building was established in 2006. Also official buildings of Shirvan and Faruj automatic stations were constructed and were put into operation in 2011.

During these years, 7 automatic stations were put in the operation in several locations in the province : Gifan, Robat-e- Gharehbil, yekkeh soud, Kooseh sarani, Safiabad, Raz and Jargalan and Sankhast, 5 Climatological stations in Pishghaleh, Tangeh Turkman, Sisab, Borzel abd and Dasht and 25 dataloger rainmet stations and 80 traditional rainmet stations are into operation.

In 2008, Sodar system (the second sample of specific stations in country which illustrates wind varieties in several layers in high atmosphere was put into operation in Bojnours meteorological station.

Also in the same year satellite equipments pcwinsat (the fifth series of devices in country which is enable to receive satellite images and necessary forecast maps)were put into operation in administration.

In 2007, vehicle meteorological stations incloudes VSAT communicational antenna system mounted on pickup car enabled to meteorological station installationwas put into operation.

In 2009, the first road station in Aminallah col and in 2012 two other road stations in Chamanbid and Asadli cols were put into operation.

In regard to this fact that meteorological organization is a speciality and investigational organization and uses expert men and employees, this administration works with reaserch centers and universities in a close cooperation.

Based this cooperation, North khorasan meteorological administration, has established meteorological plat forms in islamic azad universities of Bojnourd and Shirvan and has worked on reaserch projects.

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