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Fax returner

 To receive 3 days forecast bulltain, agricultural bulltain and announcements and warnings, you may diall phone number (0584)2313186 and get forecasts.

Fax returner computer system, infact, is a software and hardware complex which send its information to users. Information applicants may receive requested information after start their fax (number 1, general province forecast, number 2, agricultural advices and number 3, announcements and weather analysis). This system works automatically and daily, without any necessity to any operator).

Advantages of fax returner :

1)    24 houres service.

2)    Availiability for everybody.

3)    Lack of any aditional costs and sublation.

4)    Lack of necessity for human agent to send fax.

5)    Lack of necessity to technical complex trainings.

6)    Decreesing in telephone and client traffic.

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